Flushing Light Industry Complex

November 21st, 2005 by

This massive warehouse was located right between the LIRR Port Washington branch, and the NYC Subway 7 line, just east of Flushing Creek. It was originally owned by Con Edison, and likely used as a storage facility for cables and light poles. It featured a massive warehouse building, along with a shed by the creek and security booths at two gates. There were also 2 railroad sidings on the property, diverging from a single switch off the westbound Port Washington track.

Con Ed sold the property to a group that used it for warehousing goods imported from Asia and perhaps even some sweat shops. By 2003 all of the businesses located here were kicked out.

This building was perhaps best known to graffiti artists, who bombed the rooftops facing the 7 Train just before the subway enters the tunnel into Main street terminal.

Sneaking in here was generally easy. There was one guard at the front gate, but he was a lazy bastard, as most minimum wage security people are. It was a big property, so sliding through a broken gate at the rear always worked.

The buildings were big, but there wasn't much to see. The best find in this whole place was a pile of leftover boxes containing fake designer bags. We poured through them and looted the passable ones to regift to girls.

Update 2013:
This building didn't last long. It was bulldozed soon after these photos were taken. The entire plot of land was turned into high rise condo apartments with big box retail stores on the first floor. Target and BJs moved in.

One response to “Flushing Light Industry Complex”

  1. PegLegGuy says:

    Sure, I remember this place.

    It was a regular work garage.

    There would be a few dozen trucks that worked out of there.



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