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February 27th, 2008 by

Original Writeup:
This location is basically just another quick example of the shit going down in northwest Brooklyn. Any and all small one story industrial buildings are being smashed. Crushed and redeveloped, this location will no doubt soon contain a poorly constructed, overpriced and very ugly building of 'oh-so-hip apartments for rent or sale. You know, just in time for the housing market downturn spreading across this country.

And what of the small business that once occupied this building? They've been forced out or gone out of business, their jobs either gone or relocated. What was once a building contributing jobs to the area is now only going to be lining the pockets of of greedy developer.

Getting inside this place was super easy. The construction fence was wide open. Inside though, little was left over. The entire building was being ripped apart and readied for its date with the bulldozer.

Update, April 2013
It turns out 'Gotham container corp' seems to have moved their business over to New Jersey. Their old building was completely bulldozed and replaced with a combination condo building and hotel (sort of like a combination pizza hut and taco bell, only slightly different. This intermixing of living accommodations even received a writeup in the NY Times.

While whatever jobs associated with Gotham have moved across the river, new jobs at the hotel have come into play - so at least in that regard the new buildings are not just housing. I would imagine workers for either make more or less the same cash. A real win here would have been a building that delivered better paying gigs, but what can you do... I'll take jobs still in the economy over none.

Assuming this is a well designed, constructed and cared for building, the result here are positive, and my original curmudgeon assessment was spot on wrong. Hey, I can admit it.

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