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DSNY Brooklyn North Garage / Commercial Corrugated Container Corp

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2008 seems like a lifetime ago on Kent Ave. Back then I used to drive up this road often – it was two way, had little traffic, and even fewer traffic lights. Nearly every building along it was abandoned.

Faded CCCC sign

History & Adventure
So when this walled off and gated up lot suddenly was left with the gate open, I was immediately curious. The low slung building beyond the wall was one of those old industrial relics that used to line the Brooklyn waterfront. The name “Commercial Corrugated Container Corp” was neatly painted into the wall facing Kent. This company vacated long ago, merging with a company in Baltimore (assuming this link is one and the same company). In its place, the NYC Department of Sanitation (DSNY) took ownership of the building and used it for the storage and servicing of trash trucks.

Trash Trucks Galore in this mid 2000s aerial view

DSNY, of course, also vacated the property, apparently leaving the gates open behind them.

I wasn’t the only person to notice this of course. The front doors were locked, but there was a window I *could* climb in if so inclined. Instead of invoking what we call ‘The Marty Method’, I figured I should check around back – and sure enough there was an open door in from the alleyway.

Around Back
Once inside, I found myself reaching into my bag for a hammer – because I had just unwittingly encountered a rather smelly individual who’s ‘resting bitch face’ game was hard. With his fist full of cooper wires, he looked at me coming in, then said something in polish to his girlfriend who was in the next room. After a brief second I just carried on into the hall going the other way. I’m not a scrapper – let them have their prize.

Beyond the maze of dirty rear offices, the garage area was large and rather disgusting. The floors were thick in oil and dirt. All those trucks over the years hauling NYC’s largest and most disgusting export… ech!

I shot a few photos and left with my curiosity satisfied. Never again would I wonder what was in the building beyond the wall. You know nothing Jon Snow.

Take Warning

Worker Art

Lazy Cat’s Office

Layers of badly painted windows.

No Quarters For Me ๐Ÿ™‚





All the usual workplace safety nonsense.

Forgotten Flag.

Recent History
In 2011, this lot was converted to become a concert venue. . It has also played hose to Brooklyn Flea – a popular market that will likely need a new home next year (see the update below).
Concert Photo – (photo credit tbd…)

Surprise! As it turns out, this place is actually a superfund site. .
DSNY BK NOrth - extralarge

We will see what comes next… the entire lot is slated to become a park at some point.

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