Abandoned Andrea Electronics / Bergdorf Goodman Warehouse (43-30 24th Street, LIC)

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One more of LIC’s industrial relics is not long for this earth.

According to a manufacturing catalog from 1945, this building once served as a factory and warehouse for Andrea Electronics. Prior to this warehouse being built, the land was vacant in a 1924 aerial image. A new building permit was filed with the city in 1942 – thus it’s likely that Andrea was this building’s first occupant.

Andrea is a radio manufacturing pioneer. They had another location on Queens Plaza North, that is currently the home of JetBlue’s offices. After Andrea left LIC, the warehouse saw a few different residents, with the last being Bergdorf Goodman. Bergdorf occupied this space from at least the late 1990s until recently, when they moved their Queens operations into Sunnyside.



Like Eliot finding the fsociety.dat file, I said to myself ‘is this a joke?’.

In the spring of 2016, plans were announced to demolish both the warehouse building and the 5 story office building next door. They will be replaced with a 66 floor residential tower with a parking garage and retail space on the lower floors.

Getting In
As with any LIC industrial building, I’ve had my eye on this place for quite some time. Egress simply was never possible though. Doors were locked firm all around. Even when interior demolition began, the warehouse remained pretty well secured, until one day when it just wasn’t… One of the loading dock roll down gates was left wide open. Like Eliot finding the fsociety.dat file, I said to myself ‘is this a joke?’.



Nope. it was lazy work by the demo crew that simply didn’t bother the close the damned door.

I took a quick look around and came back with the bigger camera. I headed straight to the roof, looking to get a few shots of the nice panoramic view one gets of the passing 7 train from here.

The next day, the doors were locked up again. Demolition permits have been filed and approved. This building will be gone within the next 3 months. One more piece of LIC’s industrial history gets wiped clean from the streets.





2 responses to “Abandoned Andrea Electronics / Bergdorf Goodman Warehouse (43-30 24th Street, LIC)”

  1. PegLegGuy says:

    66 story building!


  2. Charles K Schmauder Jr says:

    My grandfather Charles H Schmauder was a friend of Frank Andrea. When I was a kid we had an Andrea b&w TV and my father still has an Andrea stereo.

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