N.9th Street – Armored Trash Warehouse & Booze Factory

June 25th, 2007 by

There's not a whole lot about these buildings online. The whole block consisted of one story tall, flat brick buildings with no signs on the front. They were simply too small to be used in any major manufacturing. I did get a hit on one of the addresses: 205 N9th street. Apparently a business located here was shut down by the feds during the 1920s prohibition for selling kits to create your own alcohol.
If you have more information about the history of the any of these buildings that were on N9th street, by all means comment below.

So I'm driving down this street when we realize all of the the buildings on it are about to be boarded up... which is typical really. I drove by here last weekend and there were no boards. Hell,  there was a roll down gate a little ways up that we tried to slide open only to find another gate behind it... and here we are a week later with sure signs of impending demo/redevelopment.

So we park and start shooting the block. A quick look at one of the doors shows it's as open as your mom on prom night, and the hallway and interior doors look inviting, so in we go...

But what a god damned tease that was, for there is nothing in here worth the time to even look at, except maybe a stinky smell and piles of trashbags.

Turns out the place must have been used by some armoured car company at some point, as there was a big empty vault and signs to suggestion that cash from banks and betting operations came in here...

Within a week, this entire row of buildings was bulldozed.

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