Kearney Siding Warehouses – National Envelope

June 5th, 2012 by

Huge warehouses, conspicuous amounts of non-activity, and that intrigue strikes once again. What the hell is inside that place?

Deep inside Industrial L.I.C., Two warehouses straddled a 2 track rail siding along a spur known as the 'kearney sidings'. These tracks between the warehouses were long abandoned, though the spur track that continued past it on the east side of the building was active until at least the mid 1980s.

The two buildings themselves remained active until recently. The larger of the two buildings was owned by National Envelope - a company that went into Bankruptcy in 2010.

We eyeballed this place for a long time. Clearly it was not in use. An early attempt to gain entry was greeted with an alarm set off via a hidden sensor.

A few months later the boarding began - a sure sign of impending demolition work.

Access to the building south of the siding was suddenly easy enough: 'someone' left a back door open, leading out onto the old rail siding. True LTV site followers will probably remember that siding from this graffiti gallery post.. Inside, the building was basically empty, and eerily enough a fire alarm was left blaring - loud enough that you'd be hard pressed to hear a god damned thing else in this huge space of echoing walls. There really wasn't much to see, much less photograph - though I was happy to get inside after many months of eyeballing the place.

According to one blogger, this location is going to become a FedEx sorting facility. FedEx had their eye on another parcel of land in western queens - located within the massive ConEd campus @ 20th avenue in Astoria. That plan however never got off the ground, and a lot of 'community groups' and politicians went out of their way to take credit for that when really, no one in the neighborhood has any idea what really happened. Where are these 'community groups' and politicians today? Probably writing their speeches for when the facility opens and they can claim credit for bringing 'quality jobs' back to L.I.C.

And so it goes... To some these warehouses weren't much to look at, but in my mind they were a beautiful relic of L.I.C.'s industrial past. The buildings were designed to tightly coexist with the rail sidings that served not just them, but the other building across the street which is currently the home of the NYPD Barrier division. Not one inch of ground was wasted here.

One response to “Kearney Siding Warehouses – National Envelope”

  1. paul vincent zecchino says:

    Ambled thru this valley of warehouses during ‘up north’ dream. Awoke, wishing sleep would linger.

    In dreams consistently, it’s dimly lit urban wastelands studded with abandoned power plants and mysterious industrial gothic devices. They unexpectedly spring to life, firing up megawatts.

    Massive, looming, smokestacks mysteriously implore, as choirs of steam turbines sing melody to the rhythm of reciprocating feedwater pumps.

    Punctuated by busted windows, industrial wastelands are vibrant, mysterious, sharing treasure only with those sufficiently curious to examine what lies beneath.

    One wishes to sleep forever, if only to explore these ephemeral urban frontiers.

    Paul Vincent Zecchino
    Manasota Key, Florida
    24 June, 2012

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