11th Street Print Shop

January 3rd, 2013 by

This three floor factory building dated back to the 1950s. It's typical modernist styled exterior made it a rather plain looking addition to a neighborhood full of similar industrial buildings. Over the years it served many companies, before being bought in 2011 for 5 million dollars. That's a lot of cash for stout factory with no expansion possibilities, so demolition to make way for yet another condo building was definitely coming next.

I kept a close watch on this place, as I have most industrial buildings in LIC in recent years. All of these buildings are basically in danger of demolition to make way for more tall 'luxury' condos. One day in spring 2012 the construction fencing appeared - basically the grim reaper for buildings. It's the first sign that demolition is going to begin. This security walling around it was plywood, so I knew I could either climb it or wait for a windy day to knock it over. Sure enough I randomly drove by one day to find the front gate thrown completely open: it was a Sunday morning so I knew there was little chance that anyone was actually working at the site.

I parked right out from and walked right on in. I closed the gate behind me.

Inside, demo work had already begun. The rear on third and the top floor were completely removed except for the outer walls. These mid century industrial buildings were built seriously tough. Heavy bobcats and choppers were stationed on the upper floors to tear through the sturdy concrete flooring. It would take several weeks to complete this demolition job.

The only floor that had anything left in it was basement. Here 'Big City' printers ran their shop and left several copiers behind. I guess the leasing company didn't both to come collect them, or they were just plain too damn old to bother moving. Like the building itself, the forces of time and economics had rendered both useless.

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