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Views from the first Hunters Point South high rise

Published on: January 26th, 2016 | Last updated: January 13, 2016 Written by:

This building is known as “Hunters Point South Crossing”, and is located at 1-55 Borden Ave.

It is the first of numerous high rise buildings to be built in the nook south and west of the LIRR passenger train yard in LIC.

Prior to the construction of this building, the property was home to former LIRR buildings and the Tennisport tennis center.

This building is located in a ‘Zone A’ flood zone which saw significant flooding during the most recent hurricanes to hit NYC (Both Irene and the more destructive Sandy). When another hurricane strikes, residents that do not evacuate will be trapped here.

Me and The Ninjah got in here real easy late one summer night. It was one of those roasting hot july nights where you couldn’t sleep even if there was a block of ice under your ass. The trek up to the top of this 32 floor beast wouldn’t normally be an issue if not for the heat.

Along the way we stopped for quite a few photos. it’s always interesting to see these buildings under construction, knowing that you’re getting a view for free that some schmuck will pay a lot of money for in a few months.

I just consider it a ‘leg day’ workout.

We reached the top without incident. Getting out though was the tricky part. I had noticed a chair in a central hallway on the way in that was conspicuously placed. This hallway stood between us and the access point. What was an empty chair on the way in was now occupied by a sleeping security guard.

We of course planned for this eventuality, and evacuated via a different point. It wasn’t the ideal escape route, but any escape that doesn’t result in being chased or harassed by security is always a good one.



Working our way up


Interior hallways


Elevator room at the top


Looking North

Looking South



Interior hallways



Construction bathrooms always have the most insanely odd graffiti


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2 responses to “Views from the first Hunters Point South high rise”

  1. NOV-B says:

    God damnit control. I envy your adventures. Especially you sneaking in these high-rise construction buildings. There’s a building just like this at 23rd St between 1st and 5th ave. I’d love nothing more than to break up there, bomb some walls, and take pictures of the view. Someday…

  2. PegLegGuy says:



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