Exclusive new photos: Banksy dissed again, and again.

October 5th, 2013 by

If Banksy + NYC Then Dissed = True.

As you probably already know, Banksy's 'Art residency on the streets of NY' has been greeted by complete disrespect from NYC's real graffiti artists. Just about every one of his 'street art' works has been destroyed within hours of their announcement. This of course was to be expected: The very same thing happened the last time he came to town.

The latest works to be destroyed took place within the last 24 hours. We received this anonymous message with photos today:

"Only when all Banksy NYC works are obliterated will we allow him to die. - VX SPU"

We don't usually post stuff from anonymous sources but hey, pageviews.

2 responses to “Exclusive new photos: Banksy dissed again, and again.”

  1. Joe "Bananas" Bonano says:

    Please make this a series! It renews my faith in the NYC streets for one. Also, I happened to see a picture of the recent Red Hook one that wasn’t even dissed, just tagged nearby, and fucking dorks were whining: Fuck. You. If you don’t like it, stay in your goddamn studio or gallery, dipshit… Though it’s likely Banksy’s pussy “fans” are the problem more than he is.

  2. Angel 10 says:

    A classy throwy would have been an even more expressive diss in the meaning of true graff. Diss with style plz

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